Hi, I'm Kimi...and I think photography is kind of awesome.

For as long as I remember, there was always a camera around. Whether it was pointed at me or me being behind the lens. My mom and dad were always taking pictures when I was growing up and they captured a lot of my childhood on film. I am so grateful for that because I now have all of those photographs to relive those moments at any time. Something about a photograph can bring back lost memories and details about that day, event, or person. I cherish the emotions that each photograph contains, no matter how simple or complex. I believe that photographs have that ability to capture that one moment in time that will never be the same and that can never be recreated. As the years go by I realize how valuable those simple photographs are to me. Now that I have a family of my own, I know the importance of capturing those moments so that one day my kids can feel the same way.

I would love the opportunity to capture those moments in time for you and your family.